Tuesday, February 7, 2017



Styrene Prints:  26x26 $165    20x26  $140  12x12 $48 each
1 in Gator Foam:  26x26 $195    20x26  $165  12x12 $57 each

Canvas:  24x24:  $200 16x24:  $175  10x10 $60 each

Product Definitions:  

Stryrene Prints:  1/8 in thin smooth plastic substrate.  Hang using command adhesive...will sit flat to the wall.  

1 in Gator Foam.  Prints are mounted to 1 in black foam core.  Prints will sit 1 inch away from the wall.  

Canvas:  1.4 inch canvas wrap.  Prints wrap around the side...image can be seen from the front and from the side.